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Korupi Jones
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WOAH. Look at that dork ^

Yeu wahnt druwing? Her I giiv yu dis her draawin.
So much hate. People are frustrated. People are having stuck up opinions. Family life is bad. Job is bad. Money is bad. Relationship is bad. Freetime is bad. Happiness is bad. Everything is shooting down a gutter I suppose.

I don't prefer to see it that way.

The sun was there to greet me this morning, as it always does. I awoke rather tired but also with a sense of excitement knowing I had another day ahead of me full of encounters of sorts. I always wonder if today will be the day the mutant aliens will visit and take me away. I've been waiting for quite some time. But meanwhile, I will draw a picture or two. I will see faces around me, looking up to my work and down at themselves. There, I will set my pen down, my paper has a few sheets to spare, and I will guide their hand. I will see them smile with uncertainty- still doubting themselves. So I will speak up with cliche advice, giving them a sense of rebirth in the romantic thought of becoming something they didn't consider before. Do they know that that's the key to such success? I will see faces I know, but also smile at those I don't. They don't always smile back, but they know I'm there. On occasion, I check up on my education. My grades and comments aren't always pleasing to the eye. Though I should work harder, I remind myself that it should not drag me down from living by my standards. At the end of the day, I thank the crossing guards for guiding me safely across the road, though I'm nearly an adult and do not need the assistance anyways. But I like this as an excuse to wish them a happy weekend or good holiday. They've come to know me quite well. I arrive home, with the live house of just my parents and I. A small apartment, with occasionally loud neighbors. But it's here that I can dance, make a meal perhaps of my favorite type, sneak the container of cool-whip in my room, or enjoy the excuse for youth as I let myself be lax upon the couch. I believe cartoons would be soon to follow. I do not watch many shows anyways. I phone a friend near the end of the night and me and him will aimlessly drive around, wasting my hour of freetime just trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. These are times I value the most. When I return for the final time, my bed is there to greet me of course. Along with the kiss I place on the heads of my Guineas who eagerly wait for me to come home, only because I know where we keep the carrots that is. I lie in bed, perhaps watch one more episode of some intriguing motion picture, before talking quietly to myself, or perhaps to God if he may listen. When I rest, I am at ease. My mind is restarting so that I can remember to rise to that sunshine once more, and repeat the cycle. 
It is days like these. Days where I am aware of the chaos. Aware of my own faults. Recognizing the inevitable fates that may lie ahead. Days like these... I become aware that I mustn't dwell on darkness. Darkness is for sleeping. For the dead. But I do check. Though I have trouble checking my pulse- the heartbeat feeling startles me. I will remember that I am breathing. I have skin that perks at the cold and a brow that carries the sweat of the labor. I love this life. It's all I'll ever have to lose. 

It's a beautiful day because you're in this universe. This place of real-life magic. I'm sure we all wouldn't mind a unicorn of course. But you can create. You can draw. or sing. or write. or even just be a good example as a human being. Make something for yourself. Make yourself worth living. I see it, everyone sees it, now its your turn to see it in yourself. Happiness is not far, it's just steep. And if you want it, you'll climb for it. Even when you skin your knee falling back down. This is not the end, my friends. Hell is below us afterall. 

You create.

In a world of wonder.

Like magic.

You are that magic.

Fight your doubts until it becomes revealed to you.

Have a beautiful day or night. Whichever you prefer.

And thank you for rising to another day. To another challenge.

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characterk97 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
Hey I'm subscribed to you on YouTube! I really loved that ifeelfunny vid. Is there anyway u can reupload it and credit Viacom or whatever so it's not taken down? :00 it was my favourite, always made me laugh QUQ 
WhiteSpyVictory Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Viacom was indeed credited, however they still didn't quite take it nicely.
A new version should be uploaded soon that prevents this. Hopefully things work out. Expect a new release soon. :)
characterk97 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Ah I hope it's like the first one! I MISS THAT. Like the time Dib was like, HAY YOU! What about my organs? XD
kamisami Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
thanks for the
Bulletproof-Eggs Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
THanks for the watch! (:
ShinyIcecream777 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Student General Artist
your ID picture is glorious.
WhiteSpyVictory Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You too are as glorious as it.
ShinyIcecream777 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Student General Artist
Awww shucks xDD thanks :)
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